LUMENS: TapShare TS20 Wireless Presentation System

The TapShare TS20 is plug & play and doesn't need any additional software or driver. With one single button and Wi-Fi support, you just tap the button to start presenting immediately. Especially for the iOS devices, simply plug one cable to share your ideas instantly. The TapShareTM allows four input sources from a laptop or mobile devices and supports ‘’Split Screen Display” so that team members can share ideas simultaneously. 

The E-Learning smart system makes learning an enjoyable experience for students, and also can improve academic performance


And with the rapid development of technology, more  companies select video conferencing as their daily communication tool for connecting with their colleagues, and customers, in a convenient and effective way through the LED Interactive Board.




ViaTech FZCO partners with Alcatel-Lucent during GITEX 2013 demonstrating SEEWO 84" Ultra-high definition (4k) technology Interactive Flat Panel.

ViaTech FZCO alongside with ALCATEL Lucent demonstrates the SEEWO 84" ultra high-definition interactive flat panel at GITEX Technology week 20-24 OCT 2013. The SEEWO 84" touch panel is the latest interactive LCD-LED technology available in the market.

The SEEWO 84" large touch screen display system consists of high brightness, ultra high definition(4k), anti-glare, zero flicker, ultra-wide viewing angle and an integrated  INTEL PC module  which makes it easy to build a unified multi-media learning environment or a modern conference system. 



Interactive Flat Panel 84"
Multi Touch LED 84"
ViaTech @ GITEX 2013
Interactive Flat Panel

ViaTech FZCO partners with INTEL and MICROSOFT during GESS 2015 demonstrating the 84" Ultra-high definition (4k) technology Interactive Flat Panel.


Multi-touch technology is integrated directly into the LED board and comes with built-in mini PC and MS Windows 8.1 along with dual band Wi-Fi, speakers, and collaboration software which makes it an all-in-one multi-touch collaborative system that can be used in education or business environments.

NTRON:  Digital Signage Kiosk Solutions

NTRON digital signage solutions offer reliable 24/7 operation, full HD(1080P) or 4K resolution, built in Android system or mini PC, toughened glass with optional multi-user interactivity and Apple style metal housing. It can be used in retail stores, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, banks, airports, metro stations,  and other places that require digital signage solution. Available sizes are 32"- 43"- 49"-55"- 65"- 75"

From exploring in the field with your students to optimizing your planning periods, 2 in 1 devices based on Intel® architecture for learning and teaching are flexible, powerful, and secure enough to satisfy everyone’s education needs




ViaTech FZCO alongside with MICROSOFT and INTEL demonstrates the  84" ultra high-definition Multitouch LED-LCD at GESS 2014 that took place at Dubai World Trade Center, UAE  from 4-6 March 2014.

The 84" multitouch LED-LCD is fully compatible with MS Windows 8 and comes with an integrated Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 Mini PC. It also has Wi-Fi 2.4GHz / 5 GHz, built-in speakers, USB 2.0 / 3.0, Bluetooth, HDMI and comes with the award-winning RM EasiTeach Next Generation Whole-Class teaching software.



RM Easiteach Next Generation is RM Education Software Products latest interactive software for your classroom designed to help you create and deliver motivational and engaging lessons.

Easiteach has a range of key features, which make it the ideal software application for whatever hardware your school may use for whole class teaching purposes.






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